ALICE NINE – Tora about

*Tora (Guitar)

Real Name : Amano Shinji
Favorite brand store : GUCCI
Favorite music : korn
Blood type: O
Birth date : Sep.17th 1980
Height : 182cm
Weight : 70kg
Foot size : 26cm
Fragrance : Burberry
My phrase : MENDOKUSeeI (means bothersome..)
Hobby : skateboard/BMX
Strong point : its secret
Weak point : its secret
Something will never give up on. : my beliefs
My boom : 長州小力(cho-shu-koriki)
My future enthusiasm : make 2008 the Alice Nine Year
[yeah~~ we think u’d make 2008 to be a wonderfull year for Alice Nine :D]

Harucchi Lnc in Alice Nine Indonesia Community [Group on Facebook]

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