BACK-ON – Ice Cream Lyric

Lyrics: TEEDA, KENJI03
Composition: BACK-ON

Enter the club with my freshly kicks hey
all about the tits and the ass on the floor!
Oops sorry girl I wanna pop my bottle!
Baby chug it drink it up like a swallow!
Don’t you stop baby party all night long!
Clap ya hands now! are you ready set go!

Oh yeah! kimi wa aikawarazu
So! kanzen ni boku ni NOO RIAKUSHON
I’m sorry!
Son nande hikisagaru yatsu ja arimasen yo

I don’t need the cash, name, power,
but I need you right now
Baby girl drive me crazy!
Koakuma de Play me!
It’s like Bow wow wow wow yip yo yip yey yey!
Kiss me and twist your tongue like ice cream

Mousou doori toppa hite
Gangan semete GO to GOAL he!
Kimi wo tsuredashite futari dake no sekai he
ANKOORU nashi no Day by day!
Noukouteki na kono Love game!
Dare ni mo barenai you ni Kiss my heart ima sugu ni!

Oh damn! kimi no amai wana ni
Oh! kanzen ni hikikomaremashita
Love story
Kono basho kara maji de egaite kimi to Let’s go!

Hey bounce on the bed until six in the morning
Don’t be shy baby let’s make a love story
Get naked and throw it shake it like the stormy
If you need my love again please call me

Aisou maite Smile again!
But I know soredemo boku no hou he
Kimi wo tsuredashite futari dake no ashita he
Hey my baby say my name!
NO! NO! boku dake wo mitsumete!
Dare ni mo barenai you ni Kiss your heart ima sugu ni!



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