Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas – All That We Have Now : Full Album Lyrics

All That We Have Now
[Album] • 8 August, 2012 • 11 tracks

1. Acceleration
2. Scream Hard as You Can
3. Crossover
4. How Old You are Never Forget Your Dream
5. Interlude I
6. Just Awake
7. Defeat and Beat
8. In the End, the Choice is All Yours
9. Ley-Line
10. Interlude II
11. Don’t Suffer Alone

1. Acceleration [Indonesian Translation]

speaking out
what they don’t
even think
but I ain’t got no
words for you now

I can’t be the one
one to tell you that things
would turn out perfectly fine
knowing it wont

stay natural
don’t let me down cuz
I know
you’re alright
it’s no big deal at all
don’t be wishing things you can’t

Ah, be honest to your instinct
you as “one”
unique and only
tell me 10 good reasons why you have to change
there is no need to change

get on the car right now and turn the key
don’t have to step on the break
speed it up
disc goes round and round
life will not gonna decelerate. Why not take it
as if on fast lane

Once you turn the key
grab the handle
you are now
on your own
where ever you go
steer (it) right left
or go straight
your choice is yourself

If you are stuck
find whatever you like
and why not
do all the things you can do
ride across it
ride over it

Ah, don’t have to step on the break
speed it up
disc goes round and round
like driving on fast lane

Spin the disc faster

Could you
come out form the shade
get under the sun
try to seek for
what you want to do
scenery you’ve not yet discovered
is all out there
step on the peddle
speed it up quicker (faster)
run like the wind
no need to speed down

Do not care about other people
who laughs at you and disrespects you
is the choice you make
and your own aim

Turn and grab on to the steering wheel
keep going. Speed it up
have (the) meters full
let the engine roar like a mad beast
get the gears heated


2. Scream Hard as You Can [Indonesian Translation]

I am gonna take all pain you carry (and) pull you out from the dark!

“it’s not this and it’s not that…”
mumbling the same phrases over and over
can’t make the right decision
fee’s like you’ve been thrown somewhere on your own
suddenly, in middle of no where with no others to talk or (to) rely on

nostalgic memories entwines you like a vine
stabs you with thorns

You carry so much pain inside
why do you act to be strong?
you bluff and say you are okay
wicked smile proves you aren’t
don’t you be crying because sad face does not suit you
all I want is you
please keep smiling

Sun shine gradually fades away and clouds the answer
stay strong

Formulas and equations is no longer there
decisions are up to you

examine really carefully
see what’s there
look what is there
how does it reflect on to the mirror?
do not face away from reality
Scrutinize from the whorl of your hair right to the tip of your toe
what do you notice inside?
can you see?
yourself crying and your wounded heart

On and on tragedy happens
it is one of the routines we go through

Do get used to heart breaking news because it’s something that isn’t necessary

Drops of tears are the shape of your pain which cannot be express by words
it’s the only tangible object that let people recognize your wounds
don’t be afraid to cry or weep anytime you want to

Scars will heal someday

I will be waiting for you
you will be alright and rise up again
clouds that have blocked the light will vanish away
and sun light will shine

Have confidence in all your decisions

The more you cry, the stronger you’ll be
let the time heal all your scars


3. Crossover [Indonesian Translation]

Road stretches to all directions
north, east, and south, west

It goes on and on forever
simple but yet complicated; tangles and untangles
life is like a walkway
it goes awfully smooth sometimes but goes tough
just look how a road goes up and down, right and left

Life goes on in different directions
stretches perfectly straight
crosses over in time to time
signals guides us what to do and not to
but there aren’t signals in our life
it’s up to us to discover as an individual man
what is right and wrong in course of life

There is nothing called ”short cuts” in our life
it’s the small steps that pile up and make us a better man

You can walk towards left, right, or straight
you can walk anywhere anytime but not backwards

On a crossroad we tend to bump into each other
fight with many people
laps over many roads
just keep walking, if you don’t stop someday we will achieve what we’ve aimed
take the upcoming chance
so we go

Life and road in many ways
interacting with others
laughing, fighting, and crying
we crossover


4. How Old You are Never Forget Your Dream [Indonesian Translation]

Sunny day
the birds sing
beautiful but painful
tune fondly reminds me of all the old days

My own dream fell from my hands as I have got older
guess it’s how I’ve become
not a child

Little boy questioned his mother,
he asked what he can be in the future
with a sad smile, she tells him he can be anything he wants to be

Stuck in between social expectation
we lie and hide what’s so called “dream”
we learn how to obey other people
we change so that we don’t be outcasts

Boy said he’d become (an) astronaut and fly out into space
crews around the universe
he wanted to see the stars and also see other planets in outer space

Why don’t we just keep dreaming
let’s keep our mind with dream and faith
as long as we wish we can make it come true
how old you are never forget your dream
keep dreaming
let’s keep our mind with dream and faith
it may take long but have trust
try your best
don’t wait for dreams to come true
attain it by yourself

It won’t matter
you make (the) difference


5. Interlude I


6. Just Awake [Indonesian Translation]

kasanatte’ta mune no oto
yusabutte mo kikoenai
koboreochita PIISU

konna nichijou no yuuutsu sae
tameiki mo dezu ni mukanjou na bokura

Life filled with vanity
Colors have faded
Things you desire exist here
Flee from this colorless world

tsugihagi no kokoro wa fuantei
arainagasareta shoki shoudou o yobisamashite hashiridase
mazui kotoba omou mama ni tsunagu yo ano hi no kodou

Oh my lord, it’s gone!!
What shall I do?
Pieces I had have fell apart
Where do you belong?
Where should I aim for?
Once you’ve lost sight it’s left to fall apart

Let’s start it over again
Rebuild and combine all the pieces we have lost
To become one like a puzzle
Take it one at a time

When I stopped a rusted chain tangled me up
Tying my body onto the ground
As I sink underground I call your name
What can I do to see the day light once more?

Tear it apart and rip it off
Break the chain now
Sink down or swim up
Fight your way through
Seek your way out
If you can not, you are left to drown deep inside
Chain tangled me harder, choking my neck

tsuyogatte’ta boku no koto
mimamotte’ta kimi wa iu
ima koko ni iru yo

itsu made mo kienai omoi o
tsunagitomerareta shoki shoudou o
yobisamashite hashiridase
ano hi no kodou wa
boku to kimi no naka no uchuu de hibiite iru yo

Misery is nothing
It is all up to your thoughts
and beliefs to bring in success within your life

Don’t you compare yourself with other people
That’s a waste of person you are so why not be honest to your emotion

All the promises made between us
Broke in pieces and turned into sand
Let’s escape from this colorless world to find myself
and tomorrow that we live


7. Defeat and Beat [Indonesian Translation]

Spread those hands wide and clutch that fist!!

“the law of the jungle”
it all comes down to who is stronger
the strong survives
the weak all dies
clutch that fist
let’s get ready
don’t get beaten
the strong survives
the weak all dies

Carry no mercy
stab that dagger
smack and knock them out
don’t look away from your prey, hunt it!
get them on the ground
always keep an eye on your enemy

Stand up no matter how (much) you get beaten
don’t forfeit and give yourself up
do not run away
rise up no matter how (much) you get beaten
don’t resist and fight your opponent
beat the freakin’ crap!

Proud like a lion
king of all beast
there is no choice but to fight through
tighten the grip of your fist, get it set!

The pride and the ego inside yourself
can’t be getting on the ground too easily
think nothing but victory

Let’s get on the ring
grab it!
scream to the microphone
yell out!
stick that knuckle up high
the old school rule just so uncool
it seems just hell pointless
what is that fist for?
why even bother to obey?
take it away from them
take it away right now
the passion not the fashion
let’s knock it down

Every time you fall stand up quick
keep it cool and clutch your fist right now in front of your face
it’s not the physical
what matters the most is your heart
smack the guy’s face
keep on fighting
defeat and beat your biggest opponent
desire nothing just keep on going


8. In the End, the Choice is All Yours [Indonesian Translation]

What is it that really matters the most
family, love relationships, and friendship?
what’s the dream you’ve carried since you were little
well, the solution isn’t really important
you have never been honest
so now it is the time for you to think hard

life is not easy
there’s so much to deal with
living the way you want is always hard
because not all people will accept you as (the) way you are

It’s hard not to fake
don’t wear that mask
you can’t get it off
once you’ve putted on
all your thoughts
we hesitate to choose our answer

If it isn’t the honest side of you, it has no means at all
koko kara nukedasou yo

No need for you to fake what you carry
lying is nothing but (a) waste
say goodbye to yourself you hate
kokoro no ari ka sagashite

Faking is a crime

It is sometime hard to believe in all the truth
you will hate yourself
you will lose confidence and will lose yourself and your hope

omoiegaita mirai ga hoshii no nara
chirabaru kakera wo atsumete susume

please do not kill your mind (and) true self
always stay as who you are don’t waste yourself
saigo ni erabu no wa kimi da


9. Ley-Line [Indonesian Translation]

Rain, the rain
pours down on me
soaks my shoulders
I walk all alone
with no umbrella
“tear drops from sky high, wash my emotions away from me now…”
wishing as I gaze up the sky with saddened eyes
but I know it has no use at all

Wonder why I’m here by myself
I try to search for your trace
but can’t find it…
as my tears fell the pouring rain turned to drizzle

Sing a song with my clothes wet
the song I wrote for you who’s gone
I’ll keep walking and I will have my head up high
the ley-line could it be a spirits way?
can it be a dead way I try to walk?
either way I will keep moving my feet

Puddles reflect me
my eye sight so clear
now I can look all the way
I can see far out

Foot prints
trace of path remained on the surface
it’s the evidence that I am alive
the rainbow hanged over the blue sky like an arc
connects the distance between you and i
rain is gone and sun has risen

I raise my hands because the sun start to smile
damped sneakers have dried up
I take a stretch and breath in fresh air to fill my lungs
now I’ll start to walk again

Knew that I’m the only one who could save myself
I am the one that has to step up (and) crash all the walls
that stands u high against me and take the challenge

Sing a song under the sun
the song I wrote after you left
I’ll keep walking and I promise to keep walking
the ley-line guess it is a spirits way
cannot be a death way which I am on
wither way I will keep moving my feet

I used to regret for what I have lost,
but I guess it makes no mean so I’ll move on

I’ll sing to the sky


10. Interlude II


11. Don’t Suffer Alone [Indonesian Translation]

Cannot walk no more
left alone in the middle of (the) desert
we’re dying from thirst
lost our track
we blame and yell at each other

Sun falls down
we take each others’ hand and stand
feel the bond
we set off to our goals reunited
having our heart as “one”

We will be there to save you when you’re about to dall down
that’s what friends (are) for
call us in need
do not feel lonely
we are always tied where ever
don’t suffer alone

There were times when we fought each other, cussed at each other
but yet, none of us left anyone
we kept hanging out

dear all our beloved ones
precious ones
this song goes for you guys

We will be there to save you when you’re about to dall down
that’s what friends (are) for
call us in need
do not feel lonely
we are always tied where ever

The earth is way too big for us
cannot bear it all alone
life would have been boring without all of you
“trust” can not be described by words
it’s the heart inside us that can tell

As we get older
we will all break apart
can not help it
but we’re tied in our heart
distant by close…
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